7 Ways Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Can Improve Your Business

In today’s world, online presence is a must for any business to reach the global audience. But these days, having a website is not enough, you must have a blog too to educate your customers. And, when anyone starts blogging, there come only two options in mind, either to go with Blogger aka Blogspoot or with WordPress. Although both of these are the best blogging platforms for any blogger but if you’re a business and going to take blogging seriously then we recommend you to go for WordPress.

Why? Here come 7 points that prove why migrating from blogger to WordPress can do wonders in improving your business-

1. Experience Stronger SEO

To get a jump in Google search results or to get a huge amount of traffic, doing quality SEO is necessary. Even though Blogspot is managed by Google itself but to make your blog SEO ready you have to do many edits in your codes. While on the other hand, WordPress’ Yoast SEO plugin solves all your SEO needs with ease.

2. Easy Management

From a single dashboard, WordPress lets you control and manage as many websites as you want and you have full control over them. No need to put your hands in coding like you do on blogger.

3. Fast Website Loading Speed

As blogger has a long page of HTML code to do everything, it makes the website load slower that’s bad from SEO point of view and it irritates your visitors also. Moving to WordPress can solve this issue as a WordPress website by default loads faster and it has many plugins to boost a website’s speed.

4. A Huge Range of Templates Available:

Whether your business blog is about travel, fitness, cooking or gardening, there’s a big range of professional WordPress themes available for all kinds of business. Although you can find many themes for Blogger as well but not as good as you can find for WP.

You can go for designing custom themes too for your WordPress website.

5. More Professional Look

As mentioned in above point, WordPress gives you many options to choose to change your blog’s design. And everyone knows that design and looks matter the most to get your audience does not leave your blog. It directly affects your SEO when visitors do not leave your website and it lower downs the bounce rate and hence lets your business rank higher in Google searches.

6. Fantastic Plugins On Hand

For almost everything, WordPress offers many plugins. Unlike blogger, no need to dive into HTML coding every time, manage all time-taking tasks using user-friendly plugins and save your precious time to do more important things for your business.

7. eCommerce Websites’ Creation

Most of the people see WordPress as a blogging platform only but this popular CMS has much more to offer. Integration of eCommerce functionality is one of the best things for a business. Plugins like WooCommerce help you to design a user-friendly online store in just minutes!

We hope that we’ve convinced you to move to WordPress from Blogger

So, if you’re planning to start a blog in 2018 or already have one on blogger or any other platform then moving to WordPress can help your business improving in many ways.

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