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How to sell Supersite Storefront products to WHMCS?

How to Activate Registrar Module on ResellerClub?

To begin using the ResellerClub, you will first need to activate the Registrar Module in it.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to activate the ResellerClub Registrar Module:

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin Area
  2. Navigate to Configuration() -> System Settings -> Domain Registrars
  3. If you have a version prior to WHMCS 8.0, Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars.
  4. Locate Resellerclub in the list
  5. Click on the Activate button
  6. Enter your Resellerclub API credentials
  7. Click on the Save Changes button to complete the process
Before you begin using the ResellerClub API with your account, you must authorize your server IP for access to your account.

Below are the steps for Server IP Authorization:

IP Registration

ResellerClub’s API is IP restricted. If you want to use the ResellerClub API, you must first allow your servers IP to access your ResellerClub account via the API:

  1. Login to the LogicBoxes/ResellerClub control panel
  2. Navigate to Settings -> API
  3. Enter your server IP address in the fields provided
  4. Click on the Save Whitelisted IP addresses button
If you don’t find the IP addresses to be whitelisted, you can always navigate to Help -> License Information within the WHMCS Admin Area and find the valid IP values.

Note : If you fail to follow the above steps, you will get the error message, “Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action”

Configuring ResellerClub

Before using the ResellerClub, you need to configure it. Below are the steps to complete the configuration:

  1. Login to the ResellerClub Control Panel and navigate to User Profile -> Manage Profile and note down the Reseller ID somewhere. (You will receive the URL in through an email when you sign up).
  2. While you are still on the ResellerClub control panel page, navigate to Settings -> API and enter the IP address of the server where WHMCS is installed. It is now authorized for the API access.
  3. On the same page, you will find an API Key – you will need to note down this API key.
The Reseller ID and API Key values are used while configuring the Resellerclub module within WHMCS. For more information on where to input these values, please refer to the Activation section above.

Why Designated Agent?

This option modifies the approval workflow used while updating the WHOIS contact details and transferring domain names. For more information about Designated Agent, refer to the ResellerClub documentation article:

How to Use Demo Mode?

Note : ResellerClub requires the use of a Demo Account Reseller ID and API Key with the Test URL instead of your Live Account credentials. Usage of your Live Account credentials, even with the Test URL, will result in actions being performed in the live environment. Orders placed through the ResellerClub Demo Platform will simulate a domain registration and management function, but no domain will actually be registered, and you will not be charged. This can be useful to test WHMCS configurations prior to going live.

To use the ResellerClub demo mode:

  1. Register for an account on the dedicated demo system at:
  2. In WHMCS, navigate to Configuration () -> System Settings -> Domain Registrars -> ResellerClub
  3. If you have a version prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup -> Domain Registrars -> ResellerClub
  4. Enter the new Reseller ID and API Key for your demo account
  5. Check the TestMode checkbox
  6. Click on the Save Changes button

Once the testing is completed, enter the Reseller ID and API Key of your live account as above, and uncheck the TestMode checkbox.

Note: Live nameservers created at the Registry will return a Nameserver is not a valid Nameserver error unless they are created/registered in the demo environment. The demo control panel will try to check the validity of the nameservers in the demo platform and not on the Registry, so you must register the nameservers first before attempting any domain registrations on the demo platform. You can use and as your nameservers without having to first register them on the demo environment.

Domain Contacts in Different Versions

Version 5.x and Below:

In version 5.x and below, the client’s profile data is always used while registering domains through LogicBoxes modules (ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, Stargate), even if the “User Client Details” option is disabled in the General Settings.

Version 6.x and Above:

In version 6.x and above, a unique contact will be created for each domain. This contact will be applied to the Registrant, Billing, Tech and Admin contact for the domain’s whois records. Modifying the whois details for the domain will change only this one domain.

If a client has multiple domains registered, they will all use the same contact details for all four WHOIS contacts. Changing the WHOIS details on one domain will also change the details for others.

Automatic Domain Registration

You can automatically setup the Domain Registration based on extension in WHMCS. This will enable you to use different registrars for different TLDs thus giving you the flexibility to offer more extensions and get the best value. Refer to Configuring Automatic Registration to enable automatic registration.

Automatic Domain Synchronization

Automatic Domain Synchronization is supported by the ResellerClub module. This can be used for syncing of expiry dates and status changes for incoming transfers. This functionality can be enabled by having the Domain Sync Enabled. To enable it, Navigate to Setup -> General Settings -> Domains. Make sure that you have the Domain Sync Cron configured on your system.


Some Common ResellerClub Errors and their Solutions:

There are some errors that occur the ResellerClub is not reachable. Here are some of them:

1. Connection Problems

These are caused when they might be experiencing problems, or there could be a local firewall blocking the connection.

2. Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action

3. CURL Error: 7 – couldn’t connect to host

This error message occur when you haven’t yet allowed your server’s IP to access your ResellerClub account via the API.

Error Rectification: Navigate to Settings -> API section of the LogicBoxes control panel, and allow the server IP to access your ResellerClub account. The IP you need to authorize is typically the main shared IP of the server, usually most easily found from the IP your WHMCS license is assigned to, but if you’re unsure of neither of those IPs work, then ResellerClub can assist and advise you of the IP they see your connection tests as coming from via a support ticket.

4. ‘Invalid Password/Username’ or ‘Your User account maybe Inactive or Suspended’

This error occurs when the login details you have entered in Configuration () -> System Settings -> Domain Registrars or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup -> Domain Registrars for the Resellerclub module are incorrect.

It also occurs when your account is suspended (less likely).

Error Rectification: Check your configuration details to see if you have entered the correct login details and retry.

5. Website Doesn’t Exist For xxx

This error occurs when the domain does not exist in your ResellerClub account.

Error Rectification: You will need to wait for some time. This message is displayed when a domain transfer is in progress but will automatically disappear when the transfer is complete.

6. Telephone No. is invalid. Please note that only digits are allowed

This error occurs when you enter the country codes along with the telephone number.

Error Rectification: Enter just the phone number without the Country Code.

7. Language code not valid for this TLD

This error occurs when you attempt to register an IDN without specifying a valid language for the domain. This is configured through an additional domain field. For more instructions, please refer to #IDN Configuration.

If you already have an IDN Language additional domain field configured, this error suggests that the language value that is selected is not valid for this particular TLD. Please refer to the idnLanguageCode section in the ResellerClub API Documentation which lists the available values for each TLD.

8. An unknown fault occurred – please contact support

This error occurs when the client’s profile data contains characters other than a-z and 0-9. The ResellerClub API won’t accept any accent or other Non-Latin characters.

Error Rectification: Any accents or other Non-Latin characters need to be replaced. WHMCS can be customized to automatically convert Non-Latin characters into their Latin equivalent. Please refer to Custom Transliteration for more details.

9. An unexpected error has occurred

This error occurs when the login details are missing or incorrect

Error Rectification: Make sure that you have entered your Reseller ID and API Key correctly under Configuration () -> System Settings -> Domain Registrars or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars as described above.

10. Required parameter missing: name

This error occurs when the client’s details are not being sent to ResellerClub.

Error Rectification: Ensure the client’s details are correctly filled in the following locations:

11. Feature Deprecated. Please refer to KB link

This error is caused by a change in the ResellerClub API. The ResellerClub API changes the way the domain contact details are updated effective from 1st December 2016.

Error Rectification: An update has been made in the latest release of WHMCS version 7 to prevent this situation. Upgrading to this version will prevent this message.

A patch file has also been made available for WHMCS version 6. It can be downloaded using this link: LogicBoxes IRTP API patch.

12. There is already a pending action on this domain

This error occurs when a WHOIS contact details update is pending on this domain.

Error Rectification: Once the new contact details are confirmed by the new and old contact, this message will disappear within 1 day. This policy came into effect on 1st December 2016, you can read more about it in our blog].

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