RedCheap expands its portfolio with SuperSite2 Themes, to make your website look more attractive and responsive

RedCheap, the one-stop service provider to cater all your needs related to designing and marketing, is well-known for WHMCS Themes. In an approach to enable users set up and run a website with minimum efforts, RedCheap has now expanded its portfolio of themes and started providing ResellerClub SuperSite Web Hosting Themes as well.

SuperSite is a fully customizable storefront completely managed by ResellerClub (RC), and offered to its partners at no additional costs. The SuperSite holds all the details about services and plans offered by ResellerClub.

The SuperSite web hosting themes are completely customizable, so that you can modify the HTML, CSS, images and content as per your needs. The individual CSS files (cascading style sheets) in your theme can be tweaked to modify colors, spacing, fonts, etc. which are being displayed on your site.

These themes contain more than 50 pages of SEO friendly editable content, helping you enhance the SEO score. SuperSite themes come pre-translated in 8 international languages, with support for additional languages of your choice.

RC manages all the updates and changes in the site, without needing any effort (like time for managing the site, updating the site) from the reseller. This helps the resellers to avoid hassles related to management and updating, so that they can focus on their prime work.

ResellerClub is a leading platform for web professionals around the world, providing a set of products including domain names, shared hosting, servers, security products, etc. RC offers rewards to its resellers and deliver them marketing tools as well. SuperSite is one such tool.

RedCheap has further developed SuperSite 2, a ‘SuperSite template’ to improve the site appearance and impact on visitors of SuperSites.

Features of SuperSite themes by RedCheap:

  • RedCheap always keeps you in sync with the latest version of SuperSite, so that your website runs on latest technology and top-notch security.
  • Clean, neat, simple and modern website templates that help you create a stunning look for your site without needing help of a professional web designer.
  • All SuperSite themes are built on Bootstrap, making your site look good on all devices and web browsers.
  • All the Google fonts with SuperSite themes are free and easy to use, in order to make the web more beautiful and faster.

For instance, RedCheap provides’ Red Host SuperSite Web Hosting Theme‘ to give your storefront an attractive look. It is compatible with all the major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and IE11. The files included in the theme are PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS.

When you select the SuperSite Web Hosting Theme as default theme for your site, it is applied to all the web pages (existing and new).

RedCheap provides lifetime updates with SuperSite themes which are SEO optimized, fully customizable, retina ready, and well documented.

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