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How To Improve your WordPress Website – 8 Simple tips

1. Cleanliness

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Lesser the trash, easier it is to handle the sites. Therefore it is important to keep the database and the core up-to-date.

Delete the unwanted comments etc.more often. Always remove or un-install the least used themes and least used plugins. Update both themes and plugins always when an update is available. Let the developer know about all the available themes and plugins so as to make the work flow more organised.

2. Speed

The faster the site, faster is your business. Speed could be a Ranking issue on Google/Bing/Yahoo.
Hence, invest in Quality Hosting. Doing thus eliminates the danger of getting unhealthy neighbours on your server that may weigh down your website.

Proper setting up of monitor, like server latency and visual render time. Decrease server requests, as the additional server requests will make the website slow. Lower the quantity of posts shown on a page. If you get plenty of comments, break them up into many pages. Reduce the quantity of pictures and different components on your page.

Optimize pictures. Pictures usually conjure the majority of a page. That’s natural since they have more room than text or CSS. For that reason, so as to hurry up WordPress, it’s crucial that you just find out how to form them as tiny as doable while not losing quality, or what’s referred to as compression. Avoid Hosting Videos on Your Own website. Enable Page Caching. There are many premium all-in-one caching plugins available for doing the job.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A content delivery network or CDN lessens this drawback by hosting your static files on many servers quickly. Take Advantage of File Minification. Enable Gzip Compression.Enable HTTPS and HTTP/2.

3. Security

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WordPress sites are hacked frequently. Therefore, all the database needs to be in an automated backup mode. There are numerous plugins available for similar purpose. Incase of hacking or crashing of site,this will help in a secured restore points. Always keep a new admin user for creating content and not the default one.

Strong password is a must.Always have a security tool like plugins etc., incase if the host doesn’t provide security tools. Old installations are more easily hacked, hence always uninstall old WordPress installations.

4. Investments

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As the foundation is the most crucial and important thing in a building. Therefore, building your website needs a good base work too. Thoughthese things feel like a heavy work in the beginning, they are most important on a long run.

This includes :

Selection of a good dedicated WordPress managed hosting provider.

Selection of eye pleasing themes. That are elegant, sober and alsothat shows variety.

An all-timeavailable WordPress support from WP curve.

Also selection of pluginson the basis of strict quality checks.

5. IT ConsultantGet the SEO basics right

By doing so, you even make the work of the search engines smoother.

6. Create useful content

A quality will always win on a long run over quantity. Therefore, less but to the point and valuable content are important. This includes, creating customer friendly environment and tring to solve their problems.Always do a trial before finalising and posting anything.

7. Market the right way. Build an empire.

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It helps the management team to make informed decisions. It helps to build and maintain the website’s reputation. It is a communication channel used to inform the visitors. It is an effective way of engaging visitors. Marketing helps to find ways to remain at the top of the client’s mind, hence, helping your website to maintain a good relationship with visitors by making you remain relevant.

Marketing strategies generate more visitors and revenue opportunities, you’ll begin having options. Having options will give you the courage you need to penetrate. It aids in providing insights about your website. Every marketer understands the need for targeting the right audience. However, you must have the right content to share with such an audience. With engaging visitors you will get clearer about what content you need to have on your website.

7. Create a Visitor friendly Website in all the ways.

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It helps to build a relationship between a visitor and the website.

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