Cloud Host V2 WHMCS Theme

  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable
  • Nice and attractive theme design
  • Loads under 1 second
  • Lifetime updates & 24×7 Support
  • Search Engine Optimized

BlueCheap Host Included in 7 languages


Loved by 571+ website owners
  • Included in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian
  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable
  • Nice and attractive theme design
  • Lifetime updates & 24×7 Support
bluecheap host supersite theme
Loved by 4219+ website owners

Cloudhost V2 SuperSite Theme

#1 most popular ResellerClub SuperSite theme of all time

  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable
  • Nice and attractive theme design
  • Loads under 1 second
  • Lifetime updates & 24×7 Support
  • Search Engine Optimized

Loved by 1955+ website owners

BlueCheap Host WHMCS

#1 most popular WHMCS theme of all time
  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Works great in all modern browsers

Loved by 3347+ website owners

Hostigo SuperSite Theme

#2 most popular SuperSite theme of all time
  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable
  • Nice and attractive theme design
  • Works great in all modern browsers
Clients Speak

Thousands of our customers love us and trust our services!

“The template is great for hosting companies. It is convenient to translate into Russian and is easy to install on any control system, for example, you installed it on Modx. The adaptive layout of the entire template is well done, which allows you to easily use the site on mobile devices. Also, thanks to this template, you can beautifully reconfigure the design of the billing system of the hosting company. Satisfied with the purchase!”

“This website layout sure makes a very good first impression for a web presence. I purchased and made use of same for a financial technology website layout. It was easy to tweak, the support from the creators was timely and great, the codes were easy to go through and well commented. The overall look and feel of the site improved the perception of the company with its customers. The client was wowed and to say the least satisfied on completion.”

“I’ve bought lots and lots of themes. Wow this one just can’t get beaten. It’s literally the fastest SuperSite Theme I’ve ever seen. Congrats to the Team for building such a great theme. Thanks! Would buy it a million times again.”

“I really love Cloudhost v2 SuperSite! Actually I guess is the best theme I have ever worked with, it’s so flexible, beautiful, easy to work with, and you can do anythind with it. Congratulations and I recommend this theme to everyone.”

“Impressive. Just impressive work, I hope you continue to devlop this even further. Customer support is A class as well.”

“Support provided a perfect solution to my problem – and they responded quickly. I very much appreciated the assistance!”

We’ve completed a tremendous 1000s of projects successfully and are still counting!!


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About RedCheap
Who Are We?

We are a bunch of sincere developers and crazy designers. We worship our work and are devoted in making world-class WHMCS Themes that are both easy handling and affordable. With a tremendous 15+ years of combined experiences in the industry, we know what exactly a client needs to have the best of his dream website live and also running speedily in no time.

We live and breathe WHMCS and know it inside out.

Our management has the most skilled top class technicians and developers who are passionate about simplifying your work by creating user-friendly and neat WHMCS Themes.

Our designers and developers create more than just design by focusing on the core comfort level. We play an equally needed attention to the content and the overall aesthetics as well.

Our aim is to make your business not only successful but also a happy and a joyful one that will take it to a whole new level.

Web Hosting Themes

Why Choose RedCheap Theme?

Our specialty

Apart from being highly specialised in providing hosting theme, we consider our specialties are to fulfil your needs with utmost satisfaction. All our clients are long-term ones. Once they see our work, they always turn up to us whenever they are in need of similar services.

Mobile Friendly Themes

Our themes are a good to go on all types of screen sizes and resolutions. Thereby giving the visitors, an overall comfort. Our designs are self-sustainable; therefore they give an equally understandable and easy access through phone. Our themes also look perfect on all sizes in case of navigation from top to bottom as well as giving a clear display.

Easy Setup

We as a team, our main aim is to simplify all the setup processes as easy as possible. Our high-tech team provides the most logical approach for everything. We provide simple ways that one can easily setup our themes by themselves just by demo content. We eliminate all the unnecessary options, for instance giving only one slider for setup in-place of three.

Social Support

We have a keen eye on providing all the necessary support needed for the clients. We are very active on all the social media platforms as well like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. therefore keeping everyone updated on all our latest releases and updates. Just one call or a text, we will reach out to you to solve all your problems or to give customer support.

Highly Customizable

Everyone has their dream website, don’t you? Therefore we have kept all our themes to be highly customised and therefore can be modified according to your needs and wishes. We make your vision, a reality.

Regular Updates

Our services just don’t stop in only developing and designing, our duty is also to keep our themes up to the mark in the market by providing regular updates.

Well Documented

All the processes, techniques and methods are well documented. Our clients can easily access our documentation in case of any doubts. We as a team will never leave even a single dot of confusion in our client’s mind.

Modern Design

After-all, attractive things are always on high demand. We have a separate management team which does its core research on the display, looks and therefore giving the themes, the needed look, may it be modern or classic.

Web Hosting Templates

Our Themes’ Features

SEO Friendly

Because a good website is more than a good design, all our WHMCS themes & templates are SEO friendly, with nice and clean search engine compatible coding, also giving equal importance to the speed!

Most Secure

Your security is our reputation, Therefore, our designers and developers invest a lot of efforts into ensuring that no matter what happens, your website’s security will be never breached.

Multiple Colours

RedCheap themes offer you with maximum options in minimum price. Each WHMCS theme comes in multiple colours, choose the one that best suits your dream website. Guess what? They are highly customisable too!