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‘WHMCS’ stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is an automation platform for web hosting companies, which handles everything including customer signup, provisioning, management and support. Being a leading web host billing automation platform, WHMCS makes management of web hosting business faster, easier, and more efficient. WHMCS Premium hosting templates by RedCheap are built using the latest WHMCS, HTML5 and CSS3. WHMCS enables you with a fully customizable storefront, so that you can avoid the technical hassles of an API integration. Get the clean, neat, simple and modern WHMCS themes today that will help you create a stunning look for your site. All our themes are responsive and user-friendly. Our light-weight option framework eliminates and avoids all the unwanted cliche. Also, our pre-built-hosting templates make your job easier and smoother. We work in quality, and hence all our themes come with a money-back guarantee. And the bonus is, you need no extra coding skills to install or operate our themes! With custom page-blog, login, domain-search hosting and services plan integration, you can also switch plans and the price dynamically.

bluecheap host whmcs theme
BlueCheap Host

Flat Design | Latest Technology | Clean Coded

erahost whmcs theme

Flat Design | Home Design | Latest Technology

WHMCS Themes

Flat Design | VPS Slider Plans | Clean Coded

Access to all HTML, WHMCS & WordPress themes and new releases

cloud host whmcs theme
Cloud Host

Fully Customizable | Attractive Design | Retina Ready

webpro-host whmcs theme
Webpro Host

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

cubehost whmcs theme

Fully Customizable | Flat Design | Responsive Layout

Access to all HTML, WHMCS & WordPress themes and new releases

prohost whmcs theme

Fully Customizable | Flat Design | Responsive Layout

closter whmcs theme

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

hostcloud whmcs theme
Host Cloud

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

Access to all HTML, WHMCS & WordPress themes and new releases

next host whmcs theme
Next Host

Clean Coded | Flat Design | Responsive Layout

hosthub whmcs theme

Flat Design | Clean Coded | Latest Technology

redhost whmcs theme

Flat Design | 3 Home Design | Latest Technology

Access to all HTML, WHMCS & WordPress themes and new releases

maxhost whmcs theme

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

mycloud whmcs theme
My Cloud

Multi Color | 2 Home Page | Clean Coded

myhost whmcs theme

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

Access to all HTML, WHMCS & WordPress themes and new releases

fasthost whmcs theme

Fully Customizable | Attractive Design | Retina Ready

metro host whmcs theme
Metro Host

Flat Design | Responsive Layout | Clean Coded

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add analytics to my WHMCS theme?

Yes, Our WHMCS themes allow you to add analytics and measure your site performance easily.

Can I add meta keywords to my WHMCS theme?

Yes, we follow the best SEO practices so that your site always ranks good on search engines. You can add meta keywords to your pages.

How can I add meta keywords?

All our WHMCS themes allow you to add meta keywords as per your website requirement. You can customize the page you want and add meta keywords accordingly.

I’m a developer who wants to add custom functionalities. Can I do that?

Yes, you can easily customize the functionalities and add things as per the need.

Can RedCheap Theme add new features to my WHMCS theme as per my request?

Yes, we provide custom services. You can request any functionality or feature, and we will add that for sure.

How can I get in touch with the RedCheap Theme team?

You can easily get in touch with us at info@rctheme.com

Do I need to buy new WHMCS license to use a WHMCS theme?

No. You don’t need to but new licenses for WHMCS themes. The license is issued for the WHMCS platform, you are allowed to use the theme of your choice (compatible with the platform).

How do I choose the right WHMCS theme?

Choosing the right WHMCS theme depends on a number of key factors, including features, functionalities, and budget. If you are looking to buy best WHMCS themes that can help you stand apart from the competition, then check out these themes.

How many websites can I install on a WHMCS theme?

You can install only one website on a WHMCS theme. If you have more than one website, then you will need to buy new WHMCS themes as per the requirement.

How can I download WHMCS theme from RedCheap Theme panel?

It’s very easy to download WHMCS themes from the RedCheap Theme panel. Just follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Log in to the Client Area (http://www.rctheme.com/manage/clientarea.php)
2. Click on Services >> My Services.
3. Next to the Product/Service description, click on the View Details option.
4. Now, click on Downloads. From here, download the theme bundle.

Can I get my existing WHMCS themes redesigned by RedCheap?

Yes. We provide theme customization services for WHMCS themes. We aim to provide you the best in the market whether you are looking for customization or buy custom WHMCS themes from us.

Does RedCheap provide support with WHMCS themes?

Yes. We provide 24/7 support to our customers with all the themes.

Do RedCheap WHMCS themes come with money-back guarantee?

No. We don’t provide money-back guarantee, but assure that you will have the best experience with all our themes. You wouldn’t have to even think about getting your money back.

How to install a WHMCS theme?

Below are the steps to install a WHMCS theme-
Let’s assume that the name of your WHMCS theme is ‘RocksHost’.
1. Open FTP and go to WHMCS root directory.
2. To make sure that you are at the right location, check if the current location contains templates, templates c directories.
3. The theme bundle will have RocksHost folder which contains Templates folder in it along with some PHP files.
4. You have to upload the Templates folder and PHP files in WHMCS root directory, and overwrite all.
5. Go to WHMCS administrator panel now.
6. Click on Setup > General Setting, and set the Template value to RocksHost.

How to change page name in WHMCS Theme distorting page layout?

If you want to change the page name in WHMCS theme, you’ll have to change the page in header.tpl, footer.tpl, as well as includes/head.tpl. Make sure that you add the correct name in all the three files.

How to create new page in WHMCS theme distorting page layout?

To create a new page in WHMCS theme, you’ll have to add page name in ‘php if condition block’, which is given in all the three files (header.tpl, footer.tpl, includes/head.tpl). Make sure that you add the correct page name in all the three files.

How to modify the dummy content?

There are no CMS or Admin Panel available to modify the content. However, you can edit the .tpl files manually with text editors, like Notepad ++. Comments are given in files for help.

How to easily customize CSS?

RedCheap products can be easily customized using Bootstrap 3 components and styles. In case you want to modify the CSS that are applied by default, then customize them inside the /assets/css/custom.css file. Doing this will include the file after styles.css, which will allow you to override the CSS defined within it. Moreover, it won’t be affected in future when you apply updates to WHMCS software.
It is strongly recommended to add your custom CSS rules to custom.css file rather than editing the provided css files directly.

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