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Do you offer free Installation?

Yes, we can install it for you. But we don’t do any type of customization and modifications. Free installation is available only for a single Language. Our installation service is available Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM IST. We will install your theme in 2 working days. not included in any discounted or offered prices.

What is PartnerSite theme?

A PartnerSite is a complete private-labeled website that can be used to jumpstart any wholesale business. It is a website operated by a business partner. The PartnerSite has a significant Reseller Oriented look with new advanced features and benefits.

How do I choose the right PartnerSite theme?

Choosing the right PartnerSite theme basically depends on your feature requirements, functionalities, and budget. If you are looking for a professional and eye-catchy PartnerSite theme for your reseller website, then try out the BLueCheap Host.

How many websites can I install on a PartnerSite theme?

You can use only one website for a PartnerSite theme. If you want to install more websites, you will need to buy new PartnerSite themes.

What is PartnerSite theme modification process?

Your SPartnerSite theme is completely customizable and can be modified by editing the CSS files for required sections. Below is the process:
1. Log in to your PartnerSite admin panel.
2. Visit the My Themes section and click on Customize Theme.
In this section, click on the Edit CSS option.
3. Here, you will find a number of different folders of your site. Select the folder for the section of the site you want to modify and click Browse.
4. A new page will open which will have a list of the CSS files available in the selected section. Here, click on Edit next to the file you wish to edit.
5. Once you are done with the modification, click on the Save Changes option.

Do RedCheap PartnerSite themes come with money-back guarantee?

No. We doesn’t provide money-back guarantee, but assure you that you will never have to think about such an option. We are known for quality and our support.

How often RedCheap products are updated?

RedCheap releases updates to its products whenever required, such as in cases of providing better compatibility to versions of WHMCS, SuperSite and WordPress, to fix the bugs, or adding new features.

How can I download PartnerSite theme on RedCheap Theme panel?

It’s very easy to download PartnerSite themes from the RedCheap Theme panel. Just follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Log in to the Client Area (
2. Click on Services >> My Services.
3. Next to the Product/Service description, click on the View Details option.
4. Now, click on Downloads. From here, download the theme bundle.

Do you need technical knowledge to set up a PartnerSite theme?

Setting up the PartnerSite theme doesn’t require much technical knowledge.
1. You can add the theme to your website by logging in to the SuperSite 2/ Partner Site Admin Area.
2. From the My Themes/My Partner Site Themes block for SuperSite 2, click on the Add New Theme option.
3. Give a new name to the theme and click on Create Theme.

Why should I buy PartnerSite theme from RedCheap?

There are many reasons to buy PartnerSite theme from us. Our themes have nice and attractive design, works great in all browsers, very well code documented, fully customizable and fully responsive. Furthermore, these themes come with free lifetime updates and 24/7 support, so that you never get stuck.

How to install a PartnerSite theme?

The PartnerSite theme can be installed from PartnerSite Admin area. You need to login to the admin area where you get the list of your themes available for installation.

Does RedCheap provide support for PartnerSite themes?

Yes. We provide 24/7 support for all our themes.

Can I get my existing PartnerSite themes redesigned by RedCheap?

Yes. We provide theme customization services for PartnerSite themes. We aim to provide you the best in the market whether you are looking for customization or buy custom PartnerSite themes from us.

What is RedCheap’s support policy?

RedCheap’s support policy includes providing full details to customers about all products, what the services cover and what not, and how we provide the services. RedCheap reserves the right to modify its support policy at any time with no prior notice. All the changes in the support policy will be updated on website.

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