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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the steps to use a WHMCS theme in place of a SuperSite theme-

1. Sign in to ResellerClub's Control Panel.
2. Click on "User Profile". Select 'Manage Profile' option.
3. Note down your ResellerClub ID and API Key from here.
4. Now go to 'WHMCS Administration' and log in with given credentials.
5. Click 'Products/Services' in the 'Setup Menu'.
6. Select 'Domain Registrars', and further click on 'ResellerClub' from the dropdown.
7. A dialog box will open. Enter your ResellerClub ID and API Key in this dialog box, and click on 'Save Changes'.

RedCheap releases updates to its products whenever required, such as in cases of providing better compatibility to versions of WHMCS, SuperSite and WordPress, to fix the bugs, or adding new features.

RedCheap's support policy includes providing full details to customers about all products, what the services cover and what not, and how we provide the services.

RedCheap reserves the right to modify its support policy at any time with no prior notice. All the changes in the support policy will be updated on website.