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Attractive Design | WHMCS Included | Responsive Layout

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4 Home Pages | Multi Color | WHMCS Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WHMCS Order Form Template?

WHMCS ships with a few Order Form Templates, like Standard Order Form Template, and Custom Order Form Template. The Order Form Template outlines the look and feel of the process to shopping cart.

Can RedCheap products be used on multiple domains?

No, we provide single domain license with our products, which means you can use them on one domain only. In case, you want to use our products on multiple domains, you can buy separate license.

Can a SuperSite template be used on WordPress?

No. A SuperSite template can’t be used on WordPress. They are built for SuperSite only.

What are different payment options available with RedCheap?

RedCheap provides you multiple payment options including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card. You can transfer the amount to any of RedCheap’s bank accounts when paying via Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card.

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