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Need customization or have special requirement?

Looking for 100% unique theme for your website which no one else uses? RedCheap provides custom web hosting themes where you can choose design, theme category like WordPress, WHMCS, HTML5 and more.

The use of custom themes means that your website is the only one that uses it. Get the exact implementation of your design, right down to pixel. You can get something exactly what you want, rather than settling for the designs used by other websites as well.

The custom themes will be sold only once, so that only you can have that unique visualization on your website. You can get the content on templates customized as per your business needs.

RedCheap follow best practices for search engine optimization, like use of heading tags, page title, meta tags, correct HTML structure, etc. The code written by us is highly optimized so that your website loads faster.

You can get integrations with WordPress and WHMCS, custom log design, and extra pages.

About RedCheap Theme Products
Clients Speak
  • Red Cheap gives an excellent service to the customers. I have purchased CloudHost 2 days back and i asked them to create an order form and they have released the update within 24hrs with an responsive order form. Nice Work RedCheap, keep it up.

    for Design Quality By Konza

  • This website layout sure makes a very good first impression for a web presence. I purchased and made use of same for a financial technology website layout. It was easy to tweak, the support from the creators was timely and great, the codes were easy to go through and well commented. The overall look and feel of the site improved the perception of the company with its customers. The client was wowed and to say the least satisfied on completion.


  • The template is great for hosting companies. It is convenient to translate into Russian and is easy to install on any control system, for example, you installed it on Modx. The adaptive layout of the entire template is well done, which allows you to easily use the site on mobile devices. Also, thanks to this template, you can beautifully reconfigure the design of the billing system of the hosting company. Satisfied with the purchase!

    Evgeniy Taskanov

  • Great Product on great price and great service from support team. helped out in theme installation. will recommend every one.

    for Customizability By Abdul Wahab

  • Very easy to modify, everything is labeled and ordered. Highly recommended.


  • very nice template for any hoster.. go well !!



    Alberto Guerrero R

  • Very user friendly, clean code, Looks good.

    for Customizability By Dreamofatiger