What is PartnerSite and How to Start Using It?

As the web hosting services market keeps on thriving over time, ResellerClub makes things easier for its partners or resellers by unveiling modern themes, templates, and much more. Among the most exciting things unveiled by Resellerclub is PartnerSite.

PartnerSite by ResellerClub helps partners to boost the growth of their business as it comes with several new features and benefits. Let’s understand what is ResellerClub PartnerSite, can you customize it, and how to use PartnerSite.

What is PartnerSite by ResellerClub?

PartnerSite provides web hosters and their resellers with a white-labelled or private-labelled website. Using this site, they can start or run their own business of selling domain names, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated server, and other web hosting services.

The benefit of using PartnerSite is that its look and feel is focused on resellers, which makes it easier for businesses to onboard targeted resellers.

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Why is PartnerSite Gaining Popularity?

There are several reasons that contribute to the popularity of the PartnerSite website. The best thing about it is that ResellerClub has crafted it keeping the businesses in mind that want to sign up resellers.

With PartnerSite, you can have more than 25 pages of content for marketing purposes. Using this content, you can convert potential clients and resellers.

Along with content for marketing purposes, PartnerSite website also comes with a number of attractive features like flash demos of most of the web hosting products. These demos make it effortless to resell the solutions and speed up growth.

In terms of showing the information about the products, PartnerSite allows showcase of product descriptions in detail so that end users have a good knowledge of what they are buying.

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Can The Content on PartnerSite be Customized?

Yes. You can completely modify or customize your website if it is powered by ResellerClub PartnerSite storefront themes.

You can choose to add new HTML web pages of your preference, add new content, update existing content, create new sections, etc. This becomes possible because all the pages on a PartnerSite are designed using a number of different HTML templates, images, CSS files, etc.

So, in terms of customization, you get all the options to modify your site and make the most out of PartnerSite.

How to Start Using PartnerSite?

You can get started with PartnerSite for your web hosting reseller business using the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make changes to the predefined PartnerSite URL to make it look like your own site.
  2. Customize the header and footer of the website according to your own preference. It is great for having a personalized design and page elements.
  3. .

  4. Change the JavaScript menu content according to the pages you have on the website.

Wrapping Up:

PartnerSite is the latest trend by ResellerClub, along with SuperSite 2. These both are helping web hosters to stay competitive in the market, sell more services, while providing a great user experience.

To ensure seamless growth, you must also use custom web hosting themes or intuitive storefront themes.

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