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10 Points To Consider Before Choosing A Web Hosting Theme

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Just like your personality defines you, your website defines your business. So your website’s theme is the most important thing to take care of while getting your website – your online business identity designed. But with multiple theme options being available in the web hosting industry one is bound to get confused and take a wrong decision, which may be very harmful to the business in the long run.

So to prevent you from such confusion, we present here 10 tips for the ideal web hosting theme design.

This functionality of a web hosting theme eases the process of domain search and registration for your clients. Anyone visiting your web page can instantly search for the domain of his choice, check for the domain availability, get the best alternative suggestions in case of unavailability of the chosen domain, and finally register with your site without any hassles.

So while choosing a theme do check that it has this functionality integrated into it.

Design and layout

The purpose of a theme is to make your website look great and represent your brand in the best possible light. So go for a design theme that falls in line with the overall theme of your company. Broken images, fonts or links, and cluttered designs make an impression of a poorly organized business. So be careful!

Good design means a good brand for people.

Another important factor is the layout of the theme which essentially consists of the different sections on a page. By different sections, we mean header, menu, sidebar, different columns in the content area, etc. The layout of the theme page should be clean and clear in structure.

Ease of navigation

How do you feel when you are unable to search/fetch some piece of information? Frustrating. Similarly, your website will frustrate your visitors if it lacks user-friendly navigation.

So while selecting a theme, pay close attention to the ease of navigation-i.e. how quickly and easily can your clients and site-visitors access the required information?

Know one fact-A theme with smooth navigation will reduce the bounce rate for your website.

WHMCS Integration

For the web hosting industry, WHMCS -the billing software handles everything-signup, billing, support, client management, etc. Since it’s indispensable for your business, it is required that your chosen theme must have WHMCS integrated with it.

Professional Colors

Theme with an appropriate color scheme plays a great role in enhancing the visual appeal of your website. While choosing a theme, keep in mind your target market and the psychology of your customers as each color symbolizes different emotions and evokes different responses.

Cross Browser Compatibility

A very essential feature that one should not overlook while selecting a theme is that the chosen theme should support all commonly used and popular browsers –Internet Explorer 9,10,11; Firefox and Google Chrome as internet users have a wide choice of browsers when it comes to surfing the net.

Make sure that your website theme displays alike in different browsers.


According to one survey report, on average, about 30% of all website visits come from mobile and tablet devices.

Your chosen theme’s layout should suit your customers’ devices and their screen sizes to facilitate an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and navigation too on all devices.( mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers)

So make sure your chosen theme works on almost all common devices.

Regular Updations

It is true that sometimes small releases don’t affect theme functionalities, but as technology gets more advanced your theme may lose some functionalities, if not updated regularly.

Review the updated history of your shortlisted themes. Also get to know how often the theme gets updated, what goes into the updates, and what impact the update has on theme setup.


Because regularly updated theme helps in increasing security, fixing bugs, and most importantly in adding new features and functionalities.

Maintaining updates become more crucial when choosing WordPress Themes.

Pricing & Support

Although pricing should not be a deciding factor for good themes, compare the prices of different themes and choose accordingly. You can buy a 6 months RedCheap membership in just $99, which includes a bundle of all our themes.

Support is another important factor that you need to consider while choosing a theme. Look for a theme provider which provides dedicated and round-the-clock support for the themes via multiple channels.

Relevance to your business

Recognizing the relevancy of a theme as per your business & technical know-how is very important. For example:

Supersite Themes If you are a reseller and want to own your site, go for this option.

HTML If you are technically sound enough to make changes in the code then you can easily choose this option as HTML themes are easy to create and give professional look to your website/blog.

WordPress Themes If you want to create a blog /website on WordPress, want SEO optimization, regular and auto-updates then WordPress themes is the best option to choose from.

RedCheap themes & templates include all the above-mentioned features and that’s why we are a favorite among all in the web hosting and cloud industry. Some of our popular themes but they are just an iota of what’s on offer. To get complete details, visit RedCheap.

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