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Closter new version released with more powerful Client Area panel and SEO

1 Mins read

We are pleased to announce Closter New Version, Its contains important bug fix and new features.

In this release, we have added SEO more powerful, an improved all Plan and Pricing section daynmic where you can put your plan price and decription on admin panel and show its particular page. like: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting etc.

What’s new in Closter new version

1. more powerful SEO

more powerful SEO

2. All pages plan and pricing section dynamic

plan and pricing section

3. Add multicureny and all prices convert on website pages.


4. Attractive Client Area Dashboard Design

Client Area Dashboard

5. Attractive Shopping Cart page Design

Shopping Cart

6. Attractive Checkout page Design

Checkout page

7. Attractive Client Area Domain Result Design

Client Area Domain Result

8. Attractive Cart Configure page Design

Cart Configure

9. Knowledgebase, Announcements, Open Ticket, Product and Services, Support Tickets, Knowledgebase Detail pages and manny more…

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