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How to improve Marketing Tools in WHMCS

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Saves you time

It has various trigger option to manage your email. You just need to set it up at once only.

Automate your onboarding process

We have to automate our Onboarding process to provide a great experience to our customer.

Automate your marketing

The more you can tailor your message with your customers, the more they will engage the email Marketing Turbo unit built in WHMCS provides a range of triggers to determine which email to send and when to deliver.

Nurture customer relationships

Nurture customer relationships. Nurture strong and longlasting relationships by showing long-term customers, thanking you for their support and appreciating rewards and special offers for your top spenders.

WHMCS provides the following functionality to assist you in your e-marketing:

  • Email Marketing Tools for Automated Rule Based Email Marketing.
  • Mail Chimp integration for more powerful email marketing automation.
  • Support for opt-in or opt-out requests during registration/checkout.
  • Marketing Email Consent History Tracking.
  • Ability to restrict marketing rules and mass email to only those who have not opted-out.
  • Opt-in / opt-out links that can be included in all emails sent to customers.
  • All-time newsletter opt-in / optout option accessible through the subscriber area.

Mail Chimp Integration

In WHMCS 8.0, we introduced the Mail Chimp integration, which enables you to manage Mail Chimp’s subscription management, drag and drop email builder and email automation.

With Mail Chimp, you can not only write and send awesome looking emails, but with our full e-commerce integration, you can setup emails that are triggered automatically when new signups within WHMCS And there are events like shopping.

The best part is Mail Chimp which is free to use for 2,000 subscribers. You can read more about integration in our previous blog.

Marketing consent

When sending email marketing, it is important that you are compliant with various data protection laws in your area. In the upcoming 8.0 release, we’ve introduced the following features to help you conform

During marketing email opt-in signup and checkout – users have more flexibility over the way users are requested to opt out of marketing emails.

Marketing Email Consent History – Logging of opt-in and opt-out from marketing email to provide an audit trail of exactly when users agreed to receive marketing emails.

New Mass Mail Functionality – When using the mass mail tool you can restrict emails sent only to users who have not opted out of marketing emails.

Email marketing is an important tool to grow your business and stay “top-of-mind” with your customers. We hope the above tools will help you automate and scale your business with WHMCS.

Many businesses focus a lot of their marketing efforts into finding new customers when the most valuable markets for growth are current customers – you already have an existing relationship and will likely repurchase from the businesses they are already knows. On top of that, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one.

One of the many ways you can sell to existing customers is through upsells. Upselling is the process of encouraging customers who already buy or buy from you to purchase additional products or upgrade to a more premium product or service.

As long as it is done with tact, it is meticulously designed and well-timed, as long as you can really improve customer value as they are able to deliver more value and give them more value. It is easy to find the products they need. To push more and more products or services to increase sales, a welltrodden strategy should be focused on getting to know your customers and meet their needs.

Tips for how you can use Upsells as part of your business strategy

Get to know your customers

First things first – Get to know your customers. The more you know about your customers and their requirements, the better you can offer the product.

A simple way to get insights for your customers is to add custom fields to your order checkout process. For example, ‘What is the primary purpose of the product you are buying today?’ And How many employees do you have ‘will give your customers an idea of how to use cases and their potential size and future promotions and wastage opportunities.

Bundle Related Products

Implementing the same concept as fast food combo food, bundle your related products and make it easier for your customers to buy related products.

For example you can bundle one hosting package with SSL and malware protection and another package with hosting, SSL and website backup.

When creating your packages, consider carefully whether the products are complementary and go together naturally.

Discount offer

Taking the above as an example, you can offer discounts for bundled products to encourage customers to buy and show them how much they can save versus buying products individually.

Another example of how you can take advantage of discounts for discounts by offering discounts on annual memberships.

Upsell at checkout

One of the most effective ways for Upsell is to offer products to customers who are already buying and are about to checkout. They have already decided to buy from you and at this point it will be easy to add more to their basket. This is why retailers line up their checkout counters with sweets and treats! They know that your guards are down and you are likely to take these items.

The throes process at checkout should feel comfortable rather than interfering – for example offering 2 or 3 related products on the checkout page would be less intrusive than when customers clicked page after page of the product offer.

Design and use great copy

Design and use catchy phrases to focus your customer on high profit margin products / services. Use phrases like ‘our most popular plan’ or ‘best price’ to highlight mid-tier and higher tier plans, and you can use colors that pop up to bring attention to these products And place them high on their page.

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