How you can boost your business by integrating MailChimp into WHMCS?

Enterprises nowadays pursue certain strategies to reduce costs, save, time, and increase efficiency, so that they can enhance their businesses. For this, the approach to automation in business processes is getting adapted more than ever.

With the expansion of digital marketing, email marketing has become one of best asset for businesses. They opt for automation platforms like MailChimp to avoid doing the repetitive tasks, and save hours of time. According to a study by Regalix, 95% of companies using marketing automation are investing in email marketing.

This article will describe what is MailChimp, and how you can integrate in WHMCS to improve your business productivity.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a leading email marketing and automation platform, that helps enterprises to find audience, engage with customers, and build their brand.

Businesses can use it for free up to 2,000 subscribers, and can send up to 12,000 emails per month. More than one billion emails are sent using MailChimp every day.

Integration of MailChimp with WHMCS

WHMCS is a leading web hosting automation platform, which is used to handle everything from customer signup and provisioning to management and support. It helps web hosters by making it easier for them to manage business faster, easier and more efficient.

With the integration of MailChimp with WHMCS, the leading email marketing automation platform meets the leading web hosting automation platform. Available with WHMCS 7.3 and above, the WHMCS MailChimp integration enables you to compose and send professional emails. It also helps you in setting up emails that are triggered automatically, whenever any new signup or purchase is made within WHMCS.

Advantages of WHMCS MailChimp integration

There are several advantages of WHMCS MailChimp integration, like automatically sending a welcome email to new customers, and asking for feedback when a new customer joins you.

The customers will automatically get a series of emails when they purchase a specific service or product from you. This series of emails will guide them about how they can get started with the new service or product.

When any customer adds some service to shopping cart but doesn’t place the order, they’ll automatically receive an email which remind them about placing the order. This feature can encourage them to place the order and increase your sales.

The WHMCS MailChimp integration will also help you to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers by sending them ‘thank you’ emails. The emails will appreciate their support, and inform them about rewards or exclusive offers when they purchase a bundle of services or products.

To win-back the lost customers, you can send them a series of emails. You can also ask for feedback about the services or products they use.


How to integrate MailChimp into your WHMCS account?

1. You’ll need a MailChimp account. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free.

2. Go to Setup in WHMCS admin panel, and visit Addon Modules.

3. Find the MailChimp module and click on Activate button.

4. You need to assign the admin user role group access to the addon. So, go to Addons, and then MailChimp to access.

When you access the MailChimp addon for the first time, a setup process will open to guide you. It helps you connect your WHMCS to the MailChimp account.

5. As a part of the setup process, you need to provide a MailChimp API Key. To create a new API Key, visit Account. From the Extras dropdown, select API keys.

6. Click the Create A Key button, and a new key will be generated for you. Now, copy the new key to a clipboard, and give the API Key a unique label (API Key for WHMCS) in your MailChimp account.

Note: An API Key provides full access to your account, so keep it safe.

7. When you visit the MailChimp addon after activating the API Key, you’ll be asked for this key. Enter it and click Validate API Key.

You’ve successfully integrated your MailChimp account with WHMCS. Now you can go to MailChimp and take advantage of automated email marketing and other campaigns.

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