1. Red Host

Redhost theme is one of our pocket friendly themes that suits best for various web hosting services. This high resolution theme comes with a smooth layout that makes the job of any host or the visitor simple and understandable. Since Redhost is compatible with all modern browsers, this is a ready to go for anyone, anytime. The neat and large display avoids any kind of confusions or distraction while handling. The straight and upright approach of this theme enables the host to handle the services smoothly.

2. SKT Start-up Pro

If you are a startup venture or a small newly started company which cannot find the best starting point, SKT StartUp Pro can be the answer you are looking for. Purchasing this powerful and seriously worked out template at an affordable price is another advantage of this template making it highly attractive for those small companies who are working on a tight budget. SKT StartUp Pro is effectively optimized for a productive client engagement thanks to its responsive and mobile friendly nature, as well as SMO and SEO coding making your site active both in search engine and social media battlefields.

Map your clients’ journey with easy by the help of the handy toolbox generated with the theme.

There are different pieces of codes in the form of shortcodes to be used easily whenever this or that functionality or content setup is needed.Additionally, you are free to stylize the theme with the right colors and social fonts, typography, images, slides on the homepage slider and more.

3. Era Host

This bright looking theme is a one-step solution for all kinds of business services. Erahost is an exciting user friendly theme with fully customisable features. This neat and clean looking theme makes the navigation simple from top to bottom. The fonts and the flat design is designed in such a way that it is seamless and clear for both the host and the customers in understanding the core features easily. It’s professional and upright look is a well to go for all kinds of consumer platforms.

4. Metro Host

Metrohost is a highly recommendable theme since it comes with a sleek design that is eye catchy and is also pocket friendly. The fully customisable feature ensures you to establish and create your own desirable display. This mobile-friendly responsive layout comes with a life time free update. The navigation, content windows, icons and the layout provides a simpler approach to the entire hosting process. The transparent looking theme makes the design harmonious therefore giving the graphics a very sober look.

5. IT Consultant

IT Consultant is the last template included in our article that is custom built to go hand in hand with any digital product or service manifestation.

This business supportive website is particularly suitable for web service providers, IT consultants and experts, web designers and developers, web application managers, app and program authors and other representatives of the digital world and its management.

This website builder features a splendid collection of prebuilt sections and preloaded features to make your work simpler and more productive.

Among them are gallery section for portfolio expertise, minimalistic design style for the uncluttered look, plugin compatibility for commercial and multilingual purposes.

6. My Cloud

My Cloud WHMCS theme is an attractive SEO optimized theme that has been designed to look great on devices of all types and sizes. It comes with attractive fonts and clean graphics that makes it best for hosting services. This fully responsive and retina friendly theme is recommendable for prolonged use since the vision friendly theme is very aesthetic in nature. The theme setup is designed to give an easy approach for the hosting services therefore eliminating all the complications in the process.

7. Hostlinea

Hostlinea is a Responsive WordPress theme simple, clean and Professional theme. It comes with 8+ Home pages, 4 diffrent layouts and Many more inner Pages, Awesome Slideshows. Easy-to-customize and fully featured design. This theme Created for all business such as Hosting, Corporate, Business, Portfolio, Creative, Blog and more.

We are pleased to announce Closter New Version, Its contains important bug fix and new features.

In this release, we have added SEO more powerful, an improved all Plan and Pricing section daynmic where you can put your plan price and decription on admin panel and show its particular page. like: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting etc.

What’s new in Closter new version

1. more powerful SEO

more powerful SEO

2. All pages plan and pricing section dynamic

plan and pricing section

3. Add multicureny and all prices convert on website pages.


4. Attractive Client Area Dashboard Design

Client Area Dashboard

5. Attractive Shopping Cart page Design

Shopping Cart

6. Attractive Checkout page Design

Checkout page

7. Attractive Client Area Domain Result Design

Client Area Domain Result

8. Attractive Cart Configure page Design

Cart Configure

9. Knowledgebase, Announcements, Open Ticket, Product and Services, Support Tickets, Knowledgebase Detail pages and manny more…

We’re very pleased to announce that our all WHMCS templates and order forms are now fully supported with WHMCS Latest Version 8.1.0

There are some changes are required in template files.

We always recommend staying up-to-date with WHMCS in order to benefit from the latest development and improvements.

Upgrade Instructions

The upgrade process varies depending on whether or not you have made any changes or customisations to any of the theme files.

If you have not changed or customized any of the theme files, you can simply download the latest version of the theme files from our website and upload them to your web server, overwriting the previous version of the theme files.

Update Required Files

For each file that needs updating, check whether or not you have edited or customized the installed version of that particular file.

If you haven’t edited/customized the file in question, you can simply upload the new version of the file to the relevant location on your server, overwriting the existing file.

If you have edited/customized the file in question, you will need to either upload the new version of the file and re-apply any edits/customizations, or manually apply any changes in the new version to your existing edited/customized version of the file.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you may have any questions.

What’s new in WHMCS 8.1

  • OAuth for POP3/IMAP – Ensuring compatibility for upcoming changes from email services. Learn more
  • Google Analytics 4 – Ensuring full support and compatability with the new Google Analytics. Learn more
  • Automated User Cleanup – Delete and manage users easily. Learn more

For more information about all of the new features in WHMCS 8.1, visit the What’s New in WHMCS 8.1 Microsite

What is WHMCS?

It is an automation platform for web hosting companies, which handles everything including customer signup, provisioning, management and support. Being a leading web host billing automation platform, WHMCS makes management of web hosting business faster, easier, and more efficient.

Below are some of the key features of WHMCS Themes provided by RedCheap:

  • Clean, neat, simple and modern website templates that help you create a stunning look for your site without needing help of a professional web designer.
  • RedCheap keeps you updated with latest version of WHMCS, so that you run your website with latest technology always.
  • WHMCS themes are built on Bootstrap, making your site look good on all devices and web browsers.
  • SEO friendly themes along with search engine compatible coding.
  • SEO friendly themes along with search engine compatible coding.

For example, RedHost WHMCS Hosting Theme by RedCheap is compatible with all the top browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and IE11. It comes with WHMCS version 8.1.0, valid W3C HTML pages, nice and attractive design, retina ready, responsive layout, free lifetime updates, contact form, etc.

All the themes from RedCheap are reviewed by experts before making them available for sale, and RedCheap provides customer support after you purchase any item. The pricing of RedCheap themes are affordable and among the most competitive in the industry.

Important Note: WHMCS 8.0 and above require PHP 7.2 or later. You must be running PHP 7.2 or later in order for the Automatic Updater to show WHMCS 8.1 as available to install. If you are running PHP 7.1 or earlier, to update to WHMCS 8.1 via the Automatic Updater, you will first need to upgrade to PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3, and then Check for Updates and perform the update.

Drop us a comment below or contact us if you have any query.

On-Page SEO guide: 6 best tips to improve your Your Word Press Websites

Paying more attention to on-page SEO than reducing keywords in the HTML of your page. To rank your content in 2020, you also need to optimize your content: user experience bounce rate and Dwell Time Search Intent Page loading speed click-through rate.

Valuable content

Publishing something that is a unique beginning.

But it is not enough.

According to Hosting Facts, 4 million blog posts come every single day.

So for your content to stand out and attract attention, it needs to be very valuable.

Here are some ways you can make your SEO content highly valuable:

Add details: Pictures, screenshots and steps make it easy for someone to put your content into practice.

Crisp Writing: Strong copy writing will make your content more engaging.

Updated content: Brand new strategies, steps and examples.

Expert Author: Most of the content is written by people who have never done what they are asking you to do. Content with someone’s first-hand experience is almost always more valuable than something written by a random freelance writer.

A main thing that my SEO checklist post is so valuable is the checklist itself.

This starts with the beginning friendly stuff.

1. Choose a reliable hosting provider

You need to make sure that you are hosting your site with a trusted provider – site speed, uptime, and security are all major reasons that will ask you to think carefully about who you use as your host. will do.

Site speed has a direct impact on the SEO performance of your WordPress site, and both poor uptime and security vulnerabilities can lead to site quality issues. Indicating to go for the cheapest option, as you are more likely to suffer from performance issues.

WordPress itself advises three hosting providers, and it makes sense to consider these options if you are not sure where to start.

2. Install an SEO friendly WordPress Theme

When you first install WordPress, you will almost certainly see the platform’s default ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme. However, the possibility is that you want to use it for your site.

There are thousands of free themes available directly from the dashboard and many more premium themes, you need to choose carefully, or you can end up using one that is SEO friendly.

Although many themes claim to be SEO friendly, it is not uncommon for themes to come with scripts and plugins that you will not use, and this will slow down your site performance. Before setting up a topic, run a demo of it through Google’s web.dev tool to gain insight on potential performance and SEO issues.

Measuring SEO Best Practices

This at least gives you the confidence that you are choosing a topic that is not going to hold you back.

3. Install a free WordPress SEO plugin

Before you start optimizing your site, you need to install an SEO plugin. Fortunately, there are some main options that are commonly suggested, both of which are free to install:

Yoast SEO

All in one SEO pack

For the purpose of this guide, we are using Yoast, but have a look at our best Word Press plugins for SEO guides for both free and paid options.

Please note, a plugin will further optimize your site for you; It just makes it easier for you to do this and follow best practices.

One way to install a plugin on Word Press is to log into the admin panel and navigate to the ‘Add new’ plugin page under the left-hand menu: Plugins > Add New

Once you get there, search for the plugin you want to install and hit ‘Install Now.’

Once it is installed, you must activate the plugin. We will be installing additional plugins while we work through our top WordPress SEO tips. To see other ways to install the WP plugin, visit this guide.

4. Set up your preferred domain

You choose your preferred domain as https://domain.com or https://www.domain.com will have no effect on your SEO, but you need to make sure that your site is in any of these Be available on one. Because these are considered different URLs by Google.

Head: Settings > General. Here you can choose your preferred domain:

The other domain version will be redirected to your preferred domain. If you are starting a new website, feel free to choose any option, but if you are replacing an existing site, be sure to use the same version that you have historically used.

As a side note on this, you need to make sure that you have an SSL certificate and use your website HTTPS. If you have a certificate installed, talk to your hosting provider or developer or find a free clear encrypt solution. You can learn how to set up with WordPress here.

5. Check your site’s visibility settings

WordPress gives you the ability to ‘discourage’ your site from indexing search engines, which means it improves rank. It is commonly used by developers while a site is in development to prevent it from being indexed while the page and content are not complete.

This is more common than finding that this block has been left in place after launch. You need to check under your site’s visibility settings: Settings > Reading.

Here, you will see a checkbox at the bottom of the page:

Search Engine Visibility checkbox for WordPress SEO

If this box is ticked, you need to untick it.

6. Enable SEO Friendly Permalinks

Word Press gives you a variety of options for how URLs are structured, and you need to make sure that you are using the most SEO-friendly option.

By default, Word Press uses the URL like this: https: //domain.com/? P = 123. These URLs are not search engine friendly, and there is no way to identify what the page is from the URL alone.

Fortunately, you can choose a custom URL structure in: Settings > Permalinks

For most sites, come

How to Get Your New Business Website Rank on GoogleAll in One SEO Vs Yoast SEO: Which One is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?8 Tools Everyone in the WordPress Industry Should Be Using


Meta Description: Meta description is AN markup language component that contains a short outline of your page. The short snipping you see below the location title in Google’s organic search results generates.

Optimizing your journal post for keywords isn’t regarding as well as as several keywords as potential in your post. Now-a-days, it extremely hurts your SEO as a result of the search engines contemplate this keyword loaded. It additionally doesn’t bring an honest reader expertise – a ranking issue that currently prioritizes search engines is to make sure that you simply area unit responding to the intent of your guests. Therefore, you ought to use keywords in your content that don’t feel unnatural or compliant.

  • Support Meta descriptions with sturdy page titles.
  • Use the keyword however don’t overuse it.
  • Place the keyword ahead of the title.
  • Attention readers, not simply search engines.
  • Show advantages and costs.
  • Include your name if relevant.
  • Write fifty to sixty characters.
  • Write a singular page title for every page.

Meta description markup language example

Text from SEO Meta descriptions additionally seems on computer programme result pages (SERPs). The indorsement may be a a part of an oversized snipping that includes:

Title tag: A version of the page title that’s additional to markup language. (This page title could also be completely different from the title that seems on the page.)

Slug: computer address for the page.

Together, the title tag, slug, and Meta description produce a snipping that seems on the search results page.

This snipping appears like this.

SEO Meta description is SERP result example

This copy additionally seems in another places related to the webpage. The title tag seems in an exceedingly application program tab, and therefore the title tag and meta description area unit usually shown on social media posts that share the page.

What will the title and outline of the page appear as if once shared on Facebook?

SEO Meta description on social media posts

SEO Meta descriptions give further page knowledge, however they are doing quite deliver bonus content. Marketers will like victimisation strategic eta descriptions on every of their webpages.

Why you ought to use SEO Meta Description?

While Google has explicit that Meta description isn’t a ranking issue, this content continues to be a crucial a part of driving traffic and improves page performance in search.

1. A Meta description is sort of a mini ad for a webpage.

When SEO Meta descriptions seem on SERPs and social media feeds, they act as a brief promo for the webpage. The copy offers marketers a chance to market the page and tell readers why they must click thereon.

2. outlined Meta descriptions seem higher in search results.

When you do not tell the search engines and social platforms that page to use, they decide themselves. this may end in AN ineffective look for your page snipping. Text could also be truncated, necessary details could also be missing, and orthogonal page knowledge could seem. process the text you utilize permits you to make sure the simplest, most relevant content.

In this example, you’ll see however distracting it’s once the outline is cut-off and incomplete.

Bad SEO Meta Description Example

3. Strategic Meta descriptions increase click through rates.

When properly tailored for viewers, Meta descriptions get a lot of clicks. create it clear in your Meta description that the keyword you’re attempting to rank serves the aim of the page search. a lot of users can choose the result as a result of they will see clearly that it provides what they have.

Characteristics of an honest Meta description

Based on the analysis I even have done on this subject, yet as my expertise, I came up with thislist. Here area unit the weather you would like to form an honest Meta description:

Keep it up to a hundred and fifty five characters

The correct length really exists; it depends on the message you wish to convey. you ought to take up enough area to receive the message, however keep it short and quick at a similar time. However, if you check the search leads to Google, perhaps see snippets of a hundred and twenty to 156 characters within the example below.

Puppy coaching Examples Meta Description Correct Length

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to utterly controlled what Google displayed in search results. typically it decides to indicate the Meta description, and typically it captures a couple of sentences from your copy. Either way, your best bet is to stay it short. That way, if Google decides to indicate the Meta description, it’ll be shown fully, in writing.

Use voice and create it work

If you think about the Meta description to be asking to the page, you merely wrote “a metaphor describing a non-being, however at a better level of competency.” this can be a boring description, and other people knew what they’d found.

The example within the image below is that the reasonably description you ought to try and write. Active speaking, motivating and addressing you directly. If you click on the link, you recognize what you get!

Include Call-to-Action

“Namaste, we’ve got a lot of such new product, and you wish it. Get a lot of knowledge! “It depends on what I aforementioned regarding the voice, however I needed to stress it. The Meta description is that the text of your sale. during this case, the merchandise you are attempting to sell is connected to the current page. Learn more, get now, try and return for complimentary and that we additionally use them.

Use Your Focus Keywords

If the search keyword matches some of the text within the Meta description, Google are a lot of willing to use it and highlight it within the search results. this can invite a link to your website even a lot of. Google typically highlights synonyms. within the example below, each the Academy Awards and therefore the Oscars area unit enlarged. accenting your leads to the way that creates them stand out even