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Enhance the look of your SuperSite with SuperSite Theme

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ResellerClub is a leading provider of reseller hosting, shared hosting and VPS solutions. The organization also deals in ccTLDs and gTLDs apart from other products for establishing, strengthening and managing online presence.

ResellerClub provides excellent rewards to its resellers and also offers them the best tools for marketing the services effectively. One such tool is SuperSite.

RedCheap gives SuperSite Web Hosting Theme gives an attractive and professional look to your Storefront.

SuperSite is basically a site that requires minimum efforts to set up and run. The site is pre-built and completely managed by ResellerClub. The site contains complete details of the relevant ResellerClub services and plans. All the updates and changes in the site are completely managed by the ResellerClub and does not require resellers to spend their resources: efforts or time for managing or updating the supersites. Hence they can completely focus on their primary job without worrying about updating or managing websites.

ResellerClub SuperSite Web Hosting Themes

To further enhance the appeal and impact of Supersites, RedCheap has developed the specific SuperSite template called SuperSite2, completely focused at enhancing the site appearance and impacting the visitors. During our long journey, ResellerClub has been our highly valued partner. Hence, we are offering 20% discount on our SuperSite theme for ResellerClub and LogicBoxes members.

Some salient features of our SuperSite themes are:

Enhanced Visual Appeal: It takes only 5 seconds for an average visitor to decide whether to continue browsing on your site and 55% visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site. Hence visuals play greater role here. So, the Supersite theme is specially created to give a perfect professional look and feel with easy navigation.

Attractive Designing: Appealing color scheme attracts the visitor while strategic positioning of elements provide a guiding effect to the eyes.

Easy Navigation: The navigation is structured to reveal the important information instantly. The simple, clear path further enhances the online experience.

Visual Keywords: Appropriately designed logos work as keywords to the eyes while hover effects emphasizes on the most important portions of the website content like plans, pricing.

Communicative colors: Uniform coloring is used to communicate related information. The website is content rich and cross-browser compatible.

Easy to share: We also provide some aptly designed social icons to encourage your visitors for sharing. It provides you with an increases chance of widening your reach to the potential clients.

Up to date technology: We use only the latest technology and knowledge to create sites. Our team believes in constant evolution. So, with us you can always pace with the time.

Cross Browser Compatible: The cross-browser compatibility of the theme will give you the much wider reach across different browsers while offering the uniform visitor experience.

Documentation: RedCheap provides the documentation covering the complete installation process of SuperSite theme.

Friendly support: We also offer multiple ways to get support, in case you need it. Our excellent support system perfectly and promptly solves you query. The simple plain and quick responses focus on instant solutions to your queries without any delay.

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