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5 Things You Should Take Care Of In Your Cloud Hosting Website

2 Mins read

In its infancy, cloud hosting was considered as just another fancy of four days for hosting industry. However, the fancy started gaining firmness over time and brought a revolution in the industry!

Today, even the world of Cloud Hosting has become competitive. So you need to stay ahead of your competitors if you want to survive in this industry. As a web hosting and cloud themes provider, here are some recommendations from our side regarding the ideal web designing of your cloud hosting site.

Equipped with many years of serving the clients with web hosting themes, both pre-designed and customized, we have noticed that there are several cloud hosting websites that perform much better than the others. So, we recently conducted a study on the best qualities of an ideal Cloud Hosting website design. As good things are for sharing (except a good pizza or good discount ? ), please find below the 5 most important things that you should take care of in your cloud hosting website:

Color Scheme and Overall Visibility

  • Stick to sophisticated, eye-soothing colors having a subtle presence. And most of these subtle colors comprise of lighter shades of blue and white family: an essential cloud-oriented color!
  • Same colors should be used for conveying same information, like in this cloud hosting template, pink color is synonymous to “more info” while red denotes “buy now”. For instance, on the other hand, having green color on both “know more” and “buy now” buttons may have a confusing impact on the eyes.
  • Use only one (or max. two) dominant colors only for portions worth highlighting (Like current offers, specialization etc.).

Avoid big, bulky paragraphs spanning half a page. A neat appearance with 1-2 short paragraphs effortlessly invites eyes. This cloud template can serve as the best example.

User Focused Infrastructure

  • Your theme should have proper infrastructure that invites interaction.
  • Well-placed forms/signup programs are good ways to start a regular communication with the clients.
  • Signups for newsletters are the most recommended elements for further communication with visitors.
  • Having informative content can help in informing visitors, has certain positivity and subsequently increases conversion rate.
  • Include blogs, white papers, etc. to inform your visitors about various cloud based products.
  • Video presentations are also ideal for attracting the mobile visitors on-the-go as it will be easier for them to grasp information.


  • Your cloud hosting website should be responsive to fit across various screens and devices.
  • Always go for a website that is compatible with multiple browsers.
  • Try to include adequate touch screen features to your website so that the touchscreen device users find it easier to use.
  • Before launching your website, test your theme thoroughly to be compatible with various devices and make sure that it offers the uniform environment across multiple devices.

SEO Friendly Design

  • Lot of invalid code deters Google and even other search engines from reading it making your site suffer SEO wise.
  • Improperly created Flash website can have multiple SEO issues: increased loading time and limited accessibility are just two of them.
  • Besides, Flash does not work uniformly with all the mobile devices and it is also possible that it might not work at all on few mobile devices.
  • Make sure that your 404 page is designed to suit the overall theme of your cloud hosting web website as differently designed 404 page can also affect your rankings.
  • The frames not only reduce usable space on the website but also limits users from either to link directly to a specific page within a frameset: a great SEO setback.

Following the above mentioned points, you can design an ideal cloud hosting theme ensuring maximum impact.

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