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Uhost Responsive ResellerClub SuperSite Hosting theme 2022

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Web Hosting is one of the most profitable yet competitive businesses of the world with innumerous players. So, if you want to make your distinct mark in this field, you don’t only have to offer distinct services but also have to present it in the most impressive manner and your website has a very important role to play in that.

There are basically three factors that are desired in an ideal web hosting site theme: attractive design, simple navigation and infrastructure for online purchase options.

Uhost SuperSite 2 theme is one of the best hosting themes of 2022 that is a powerful combination of all of the above: attractive design, simple navigation and well-designed order form templates. Here is the review of this theme:


This beautifully designed SuperSite theme is based on the latest CSS3 and uses the best color combinations that are a treat to the eyes. Its perfect contrast and soothing resolution effortlessly invites the eyeballs.

Based on the latest technology, the theme layout auto-resizes itself to perfectly fit across different screen size. Hence, it saves you from the hassles and extra cost of developing and maintaining a separate mobile site. You can further personalize the color.

The theme offers Google Web Fonts that are clearly legible across multiple screen sizes and resolutions across multiple devices without straining the eyes. The high quality scalable iconic fonts offer you an extended array of options to graphically highlight the content. They can be appropriately used in place of images thus saving lots of web space.

In addition, this responsive ResellerClub SuperSite hosting theme also offers well designed attractive pages. The combination of attractive design, responsive layout and well-legible neat content makes your website a perfect eye-stopper.

Navigation Structure

Attractive design is only half the battle won. Once the visitor lands on your site, you need to meaningfully engage him. For that, your site needs an easy navigation infrastructure.

Uhost hosting site theme does not disappoint on this front either. All the important tabs are positioned on the upper right of the theme. This is the place where our eyes naturally look while opening a website. The bar contains the most relevant links regarding plans, services, support, contact details and client area.

A well-integrated domain search box makes it easier for the visitors to find their desired domain name – the first step towards final purchase. All these features are visible in the first fold of the site for ease of navigation. This responsive SuperSite theme also offers perfect infrastructure to showcase your specialty services for firmly establishing a signature identity.

Clients’ testimonials at the end of the template leaves a positive impact on visitors. An intelligent use of hover effects helps in visually emphasizing the desired portions of your site while an adequate use of powerful icons at key positions encourages the visitor to know more about your products and plans. The entire structure is designed to offer ease of navigation, enabling the visitor to swiftly ride through your website.

Uniformly Designed Order Pages

Once the visitor is convinced by your company and products, the last step is to make a purchase. The theme offers uniformly designed SuperSite templates to help the interested visitors to make a purchase.

These SuperSite are perfectly designed so that they do not collide with the existing theme. As the visitor gets more cautious while making the final purchase, landing in a different environment can have a negative impact. So the theme offers uniformly designed SuperSite templates that perfectly matches the overall theme of your website.

Other features of the site include:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Developed with bootstrap framework
  • W3C Validated
  • Proper support & free updates
  • Social Icons
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