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What is a Supersite Storefront, Its importance and Who can use it?

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A SuperSite storefront is a large collection of products, domains, and services. It is a marketplace where you can find services like reselling domains, hosting solutions, email solutions and security solutions. If you desire to sell your own products with your customers’ ownership, this is the right place.

1. Importance of SuperSite Storefront

You can create your own marketplace and you can choose your domain name according to your wish and fully brand it.

You will be able to perform the following activities using the Supersite Storefront:

  • Brand your Storefront: Change the URL, customize your logo to represent your brand.
  • Choose your own domain names like .COM, .CO, .NET, .ORG, etc.
  • Customize the storefront in HTML or CSS.
  • Customize the SuperSite language. The SuperSite is multilingual.
  • Customize the SuperSite theme.
  • Brand your nameservers.
  • Create your own web hosting and email plan.
  • Manage product and pricing.
  • Set the prices easily and with large flexibility for the products that you wish to resell.

You can set pricing for:

  1. Domain names
  2. Web Hosting packages
  3. Email plans
  4. Website design services
  5. Digital certificates
  • Set the profit percentage at which you want to resell your products.
  • Offer discounts on your products.
  • Use pre-defined templates that specifically offer the products that you want to resell.
  • Set the tax rules according to the region in which your customers reside (customer’s region).
  • Add payment methods for the customers to make the payment.The payment gateway module supports various payment gateways. Even if any particular payment gateway is not listed in the SuperSite, you can configure it anytime by using the custom payment gateway module.

2. Uses of SuperSite Storefront:

Using the supersite storefront, you can completely customize the HTML, CSS images and your content in order to make your brand easily noticeable. The SuperSite Storefront contains pre-written editable content that helps you to sell your products with great SEO friendly description for your products.

  • You can choose what you want to sell – You can select products from a wide range of selections.
  • You can customize pricing – Prices for products can be set with a hassle-free method and can be flexibly edited.
  • You will be able to establish a fully branded storefront site.
  • You can use the invoicing feature of storefront to manage the payments of customers. You can also integrate it with WHMCS.
  • You can benefit your customers with a lot of control panels to manage their orders, payments and renewals.
  • You can build the description for your products without much effort by using the inbuilt, ready to use content pages that also have the SEO features.
  • You can make your own brand by designing the desired logo, brand name and the DNS information for your Supersite.
  • You will need to set your pricing according to the products you list for reselling.You can also offer discounts on your products.
  • You can launch your grand new business in the market and get ready for selling your products.
  • You can launch your grand new business in the market and get ready for selling your products.
  • You can launch your grand new business in the market and get ready for selling your products.
  • You can also perform WHMCS and billing integrations.

You can resell the following services:

  1. Business email solutions – Empower your customers with best email solutions.
  2. SSL Certificates – Enable your customers to protect their data using secure encryption passwords for protecting their credit card and identification information.
  3. Privacy Protection – Protect your customers’ identity from hackers and spammers by providing password protection.
  4. Web Hosting Packages – Enable reselling of shared or dedicated hosting products through your own hosting platform using storefront.

3. Who can use SuperSite Storefront:

  1. Anyone who is interested to drive more traffic and comments to their business websites can make use of the Supersite Storefront:
  2. Using a SuperSite Storefront is what you can do to massively grow your business even if you are not much aware of technical aspects of website hosting or even about the marketing campaigns.
  3. Anyone who is interested in reselling Web Hosting services, domain names and security products to his customers without much effort keeping in mind that your customers’ websites are safe needs to use the SuperSite Storefront.
  4. If you want your own branded e-commerce website in which you will be able to sell all your products, suggested use is the SuperSite Storefront
  5. If your goal is to sell hosting products such as Shared Hosting, VPS server hosting, Reseller Hosting or even Branded hosting, just go for the use of SuperSite Storefront.Also sell popular domain extensions like .NET, .COM, .BIZ and various other nTLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs.

You can use our SuperSite Theme page to give an attractive and outstanding look to your Storefront. These themes work great on all browsers.

You can check out Supersite Storefront: by clicking on the link below :-

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