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What’s coming: New Look Admin Area in WHMCS 8.0

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Users and Coustomer Accounts

A new way for users to log in and share access to accounts As a user who needs to use and manage services within multiple different client accounts, WHMCS 8.0 makes it easy and convenient to use and manage services for multiple client accounts with a single login.

New Look Admin Area

An Easy, Improved Designed to admin experience.

WHMCS 8.0 introduces a new look for the commissariat area theme. It enhance the experience for mobile and touch screen devices.

Email delivery donator

Reliability and deliverability increased email

The new Email Delivery Provider integrations in WHMCS 8.0 it use mail gun, spark post and send grid.

Version 8.0 is going to be the next major version of WHMCS, and the team is still finalizing the preparations as we speak.

Such a major version enhancement gives us an opportunity to make behind the scenes changes more important, as well as major feature work that we have been unable to complete and deliver in shorter release cycles.

And I’m excited about what we’re going to deliver in version 8.0 – my top 5 are:

1. Shared Users for Client Login and Management – This gives people the ability to have a single user account that has access to many different client accounts under a single login credential set – this allows users to WHMCS and DELIVER Validation presents a significant change in the model. Today on our most requested open feature request.

2. A refreshing look and feel for the WHMCS admin area, which provides a slimmer, more lightweight and modern experience on the desktop, and a better responsive and touch-friendly experience for mobile and tablet devices.

3. Support for senders such as MailGun, SendGrid and SparkPost for better email delivery and reliability, combined with a more robust bulk email tool that allows you to improve user engagement with your company in the form of email. Enables email to be taken advantage of.

4. Improved IDN support with additional functionality to help enable and simplify IDN sales with native full support for registration of international domain names with NOM and ResellerClub.

5. Improved support for currencies, increasing the size of numeric values across the product, as well as support for tax rates up to 3 decimal places. And we have some other items in store, so stay tuned.

Question: Can you tell us more about the shared user feature?

Yes it’s a big deal Authentication and user management is a fundamental part of any system, so this kind of change is a massive undertaking – but I think we got it right.

To deliver this, we have to completely re-imagine the relationship between customers and users. Think of customers, soon “accounts” will be called as the entity that owns the services, and the users, as human operators who have permission to login and operate.

The new functionality will allow a user – a human operator – to have a single login that allows him to switch between him or her client and to fundamentally manage multiple client “accounts”, for modern web hosts and managed Creates much more flexible and powerful solutions. Service provider market.

Question: And what is it about the changes being made to the minimum requirements of WHMCS 8.0. Can you tell us more about them?

Yes, version 8.0 will introduce new minimum requirements – in particular it will require PHP 7.2 as a minimum.

PHP versions are being released on a more and more frequent basis, and libraries are being updated equally rapidly and more and more frequently, often with new minimum requirements.

This poses major challenges for us – as consumers of many different libraries, protocol abstracts and APIs, and offering a self-hosted software product in which to control or influence the environment we have There is no capability on which it is deployed, it is becoming more and it is more challenging for us to deliver software that does not change minimum system requirements more often, as we know that creates problems for our users.

With the V7 series, I have been very impressed with the team for being able to achieve backward compatibility with older versions for a very long time, but now the time has come to raise the minimum requirements to which we can benefit. More recent developments and changes to PHP and the libraries we use.

Most users who are availing our latest feature release date and benefits are likely to be set in advance; Trend we see that PHP 7.2 and 7.3 are very common. You probably want to check and go ahead and schedule and update any PHP for your production system before moving to v8.0. Module developers and users with heavy backend customizations may want to take the usual precautions: read the release notes on each pre-production release. In this, precise library updates and other details will be shared; When the general availability arrives you should test your code on every code to make sure you upgrade compatible.

Question: What are the challenges with version 8.0?

Where do I start? (Laughs)

Working with 3rd party vendors, at every stage of the development process, from deciding what we work and prioritize, to minimum deliverables for new features and functionality, to all user experience and design elements. Has its own set of challenges.

As always, one of the major challenges is time. For the longest time now, we are committed to delivering 3 feature releases every year. While 3 may not seem like an unacceptable amount over a 12-month period, when you develop, test, and pre-produce.

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